Channel selection on v. 4.1 server resets automatically?

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Channel selection on v. 4.1 server resets automatically?

Postby timothyv000 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:58 pm


I recently updated to the 4.1 IPTV software and installed it on a WHS2011. I adjusted all the settings accordingly and had a selection of about 60 channels out of the total list of 300 as listed in the m3u file. Entered all the EPG settings. Afterwards I installed two network clients on different PC's (all windows 7) and everything is fine, I get the 60 channels in the configuration and all works well. Now I wanted to update a third cli?nt, so removed the old version, rebooted and installed the new network client, just as I did with the others. But here I get the 300 channels. Also after filtering everything out I did not need, the channels worked fine at first but (and I am not sure on what timespan, think a few hours, or perhaps a reboot of the WHS2011 server is the cause) after a while it said there wasn't a tuner installed. I went back to the WHS2011 installation and looked at the channel settings and I saw that somehow it has reset the channel selection, so all 4 tuners have 300 channels. But the strange thing is, if I check the EPG settings, the 60 channels are only listed there and also the 2 clients that did work ok, still work ok. I just can't get the third one to work properly.

I thought to share this, perhaps you have any idea what is wrong before I reinstall everything again... My best guess would be that I installed two cli?nts and rebooted the WHS2011 afterwards for some reason and then tried to install the third client, after which the channels seem to be reset..


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Re: Channel selection on v. 4.1 server resets automatically?

Postby Oberon » Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:08 am

The effect that you see is a new feature in v4, called channel automapping. The idea is that all channels from m3u file are automatically made available in MediaCenter and (eventual) m3u file changes are synchronized automatically.
If you do not like this feature you can turn it off by stopping dvblink_server windows service, open dvblink_configuration.xml and delete all lines with
Code: Select all

Then save file and start dvblink_server again.
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Re: Channel selection on v. 4.1 server resets automatically?

Postby timothyv000 » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:48 am

Ok, interesting feature. I'll just have to change the m3u file then (to keep out the channels I don't want or don't have a right to).

So that explains why on the third client installation I got to see all the channels. How does this work for EPG settings then, because that still only shows the 60 channels I selected at first? (does the channel sync feature run periodically or something?) Maybe that is also the cause why the client says that there is no tuner after a while? Because when I install and check immediately all channels work, but after a while I get the message that there is no tuner installed. Maybe there is a conflict or something, that the epg consists of 60 channels and after syncing there are 300 channels?

The other 2 clients I mentioned have the same problem now by the way (no tuner installed), so it seems that it has something to do with the channel sync feature, since they worked fine for a while after installation and I didn't change anything afterwards if I recall correctly.
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