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Postby edge456 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:40 pm

Ive been using DVBlogic products for several years now but I have a problem that I never got around solving.
Im running DVBlink Server(6.0) and TVSource(6.0) on a dedicated windowsserver using a TBS6984 with Canal Digital as contentprovider.

An increasing number of channels in my subscription are showing discontinuations and occurances of errors when I trie to view them. The increase seem to have come when the channesl have change to HD ex. Kanal5 SD used to be working but some time ago It was swapped in favour of Kanal5 HD. The server handles other HD-channels fine thou (like BBC Brit HD etc).
What does discontinuations and errors indicate? How do I find the source of these problems?
Are the signal to weak? Is the signalquality to low? Is it the setup of the dish? or are the cables used bad?

Any help is appreciated
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