no compatible tuners detected

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no compatible tuners detected

Postby Larry13 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:34 pm

Hi Forum, or swarm,

after putting the TVButler in an USB Port (USB3.0, I only have these), a TS Aggregator was installed (???), it then messaged everything runs.

Then installing the DVBLink Server (6.0.0 Build 14499) and the DVBLink TVSource (6.0.0 Build 14061). No problem.

Switcheing to "Sources", the following error is shown "There are no compatible tuners detected on your system. For the list of compatible tuners please click here."

Restart, and plug in the TVButler again, does not change anything.

In the device manager of Win10 (a Pro version) there's the following message under "TS Aggregator": "The driver for this device was not installed (Code 28). There are no compatible drivers for this device available"

Where do I get these drivers? Or what is wrong?

Thanks and regards

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