HDHomerun detected as DVB-T

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HDHomerun detected as DVB-T

Postby tcgass » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:36 am


I'm trying to install for the first time DVBLink and have an issue I can't resolve. Here are the details:

Hardware: QNAP T-212, HDHomerun Expand
Location: Switzerland
Software: DVBLink Server (6.6.0 / 14499), DVBLink TV Adviser (DE, AT, CH) (6.0.0. / 12901) and DVBLink TVSource (6.6.0 /14072) successfully installed and activated on my QNAP T-212

When trying to set up the sources, my HDHomerun is correctly detected (all 4 tuners). I add one of them as a source, change the tuner type to cable (DVB-C) and select my cable provider (interGGA). When scanning (normal mode), the correct provider settings are detected (474000,V,6900,,QAM256), but scanning ends with a "Tuning failed" error message despite the fact, that HDHomerun works fine with other applications.

Did I miss something as a neewbie to all this?

Thanks for your hints and tipps,
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