Only 1 tuner able to record

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Only 1 tuner able to record

Postby tony_park » Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:31 pm


wonder if anyone can help, I've reviewed my setup, and can't find a problem...

I have 4 tuners, 4 sources and 4 users defined on my dreambox. All tuners are the same, and receive the same lineup.

Tuner 1 links to source 1, which links to user 1, tuner 2 links to source 2 etc...

cardclient.conf (acamd) files confirm these settings, and channel preview shows the same.

Problem is I can only use 1 tuner at a time currently. MC always seems to use tuner 4.

If I choose to record or view another channel, which uses a different tuner, I receive a play ready error.

As I say, I can do a channel preview on any of the other sources, the user being chosen is then correctly displayed on the oscam user page as being active.

Things I've done to try and resolve...

- rescanned the channels in the config pages
- deleted the mc database and completely re-done the setup
- removed dvblogic, deleted the folders, and then re-installed
- channel sync in MC.

None of this appears to have got me any further forward!

If the tuners were not working, then the channel preview wouldn't work, but it seems to me, to be something between the dvblink server and MC, but what...

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