Tuners go offline

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Tuners go offline

Postby tre4bax » Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:21 am

After removing my BGT3600 and deleting the sources associated I finally last night got the box stable using the remaining tuner card. This morning when I got up I tried to start the box and got a blue screen (7MC) saying no tuners available. When I went into DVBLink all of the tuners were showing little triangles. Going into the setup and checking signal on each worked and when I returned to the resources screen the triangles had gone, but 7MC would still not find the tuners.

After a reboot (during which the old tuner re-appeared in a disabled state ) the tuners all came back on line and worked normally. It is currently working perfectly with the correct DVBLink screen if I overcommit the resources, but I suspect that the sources will disable again over night.

Any ideas what is causing this?
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