Recording bug or just me?

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Re: Recording bug or just me?

Postby pip » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:44 am

For me it is a major problem. You are right. I can do what you say and just go to the recording and watch it when still streaming. But when the program, movie or something else comes that i still find interesting then i have bad luck, because when the tv-recording stops, the live stream also stops. I can go back to live-tv, but i will only see what is on that moment.
In the beginning, due many problems with channel selection, Oberon was of meaning that he will switch back to BDA-drivers. I found that a great idea until microsoft has fixed the problem with the PBDA-drivers. Sadly enough is this not in the order anymore.
I would still please a request for oberon to let us choose by ourself. One with PBDA and one with BDA. What is the great benefit of PBDA drivers?

P.S. Still using TVsource 3.2.2
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Re: Recording bug or just me?

Postby GuiltyNL » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:58 am

Sure I understand the possible issues, but how often would you have this scenario? If has to meet all the requirements below:

1) All your tuners are recording (I have 3 tuners and only once in a while there are three programmes on the TV that I want to record, but 98% of the time this is not the case)
2) While your tuners are recording you have to be at home and watching TV that you also are recording (normally I don't record Live TV I'm wachting, only when my wife is not home and she wants to see the same programme)
3) This problem you describe only occurs when after the programme you are recording is another programme you want to watch, but isn't recorded also. And still all the tuners have to be occupied by that time.

In reality the problem is present and sure needs to be solved, but it is still not a large problem and also doesn't need priority. The chances that you encounter problems with it in real life is just too small.
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Re: Recording bug or just me?

Postby ShadowLord » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:11 pm

Another problem is that MCE seems to skip, abort and cut short recordings because it can't seem to figure out which tuner to use. I have MCE set to record 5 minutes in advance (if possible) and 15 minutes behind (if possible). However, because MCE cannot use the same tuner twice anymore, it will not properly honour the recording settings in some cases.

I also have had MCE stop recording in the middle of a program because it got confused with the tuner situation. Personally I now know how to control MCE to prevent this from happening. However my girlfriend, who is not a computer expert and just wants to watch and record TV, keeps getting into trouble with this and keeps complaining of incomplete recordings...

I'm seriousely considering going back to v3 just to get past this problem. While I understand why the new drivers are needed for people with more then 4 tuners, the people that don't have that luxury are getting hurt because of it. And honestly, Microsoft is not ooing to fix this for any current MCE version. Maybe for Windows 8, but I won't be holding my breath for that.
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