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Hardware advice

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:21 pm
by johnny

I've been using DVBLogic in conjunction with a HTPC (with internal hardware) for a few years now, and am considering swapping hardware. Because I still like the functionality esp for the client in W7MC, and want to maintain that, I think most sensible is moving the tuners to an external shared device (and network stream to the HTPC). I don't have a NAS or anything yet, so clean slate. I could also consider reusing the FloppyDTVs in a small server, but am worried this is not really power efficient (can we WOL servers automatically from the DVBLINK client?).

What works best, in conjunction with DVBLogic, encoded DVB-C (Ziggo; netherlands)? I need to have a CI/CAM-based solution as we have most HD-channels encrypted. Any recent NAS combination that is both cost efficient, robust and low on energy consumption? Best practices? experiences?