Method of Turning off Audio Description for PCTV 461e usb st

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Method of Turning off Audio Description for PCTV 461e usb st

Postby grahamhay1 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:10 am


My most used tv channel, Channel 4 HD, has Audio Description voice over commentary using PCTV 461e DVB-S/S2 usb stick. Is it possible to turn this off in any way as it is unusable as it is - see below methods of turning this off on other devices.



In the UK for Channel 4 HD, for audio description reasons, Freeview HD uses HE-AAC for the main audio and AAC for the audio description feed (which contains just the additional narration for the receiver to mix into the main HE-AAC feed), and when the programme has 5.1 audio the HE-AAC stream carries 5.1 audio, when the programme has stereo audio the HE-AAC carries 2.0 audio.

Turning Audio Description off and on

By default, TV sets and set-top boxes have audio description turned off. If you have a receiver that supports Audio Description, there will be a way to enable this service from one of the on-screen menus.

Each TV set and set-top box is different, and so without knowing the make and model, we can’t give precise advice on how to turn it off for every single make and model of digital TV equipment, although we’ll try to help with some general guidance.

If you’re not sure how to turn Audio Description on or off, then the first place to try should be the TV manual. Alternatively, you can try to find the option from the on-screen menus. Try looking under “Language”, “Subtitles”, “Audio” or “Sound” in the Settings menu.

Here is some information on how to turn on or off Audio Description on some common equipment

Freesat Receivers: On some boxes, try Menu > Settings > Language. You may find the “Audio Description” option there, with an option to “Enable” or “Disable”

Sky+ HD Box: Press Services, scroll to “Options”. Select “Subtitles”. Here, you’ll find “Audio Description On/Off”. Change as appropriate, and press the Green button on the remote to save

Basic Sky box / Older Sky+ box: Press “Services”. Select “System Set Up”. Select “Language and Subtitles”. Adjust the “Narrative” options as required, then move to “Save New Settings” and press Select[/quote]
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