A Request for Reliable Support

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A Request for Reliable Support

Postby politby » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:51 pm

Got your attention now, didn't I? :)
Let me first say that I think the DVBlogic team has developed some kick a**s products. I have been a faithful user since the first days of the HDPVR app and I expect that to continue. I keep recommending DVBlink to others at every opportunity.

That said, this is a family of commercial products, low cost but still, and with that comes the expectation of a couple of things which unfortunately are lacking with DVBlink at this time:

1. Exhaustive documentation, and
2. A reliable, predictable support channel.

Given the somewhat thin documentation, support becomes more important.

Looking at this forum, it is not uncommon for support questions to remain unanswered. There is no tracking of support requests and no commitment from the DVBlogic team w/ r t when, if ever, a request will be responded to. This makes posting a support related question in this forum a complete shot in the dark.

In addition, it is quite apparent that DVBlogic is being selective about which posts to respond to. I have many examples of newer posts being answered very quickly at the expense of older ones. This is a recent example of a probably easy-to-resolve question that has been ignored while more recent ones have been responded to.

So I would like to see DVBlogic set aside time earmarked for responding to support posts, and ensure they process them in order, rather than in the haphazard way it is done now. If a post is vague, missing logs and other information or just difficult to understand, just say so but please RESPOND.

It gets pretty frustrating to post a problem and have absolutely no way of knowing if there ever will be a response.

I am fine with a forum as the support channel, because everyone can share the results instantly. No need for any fancy help desk system.

I hope the DVBlogic team can take this as positive criticism and take some action.

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Re: A Request for Reliable Support

Postby Oberon » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:11 pm

As this question has been asked already several times, let me summarize our approach below.

We try to help everyone on this forum.
We read all posts on this forum.
We respond in any case to everything that we think is obvious, can be solved immediately and where additional information is needed.
For the non-obvious and difficult cases answer may take more time or even remain unanswered at all.
There will be no ticket system introduced here because we do not sell support and cannot commit to solving all issues on this forum. That said, we transfer all issues that we think have to be solved into our internal bug reporting system.
Fully functional free trial mode of our software is the best way to check if product fulfill your expectations.
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Re: A Request for Reliable Support

Postby politby » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:33 pm

Thanks for the response, Oberon. I guess that settles it. Keep shooting in the dark. :?
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