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DVBLink 4.6.0/4.7.0: list of fixes and new features

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:53 pm
by Oberon
(all) Added: source groups for easy configuration of the identical sources
(iomega) Fixed: Incorrect DVBLink package installation on NAS firmware 4.x
(win, nas build>=9212) Fixed: Significantly lowered idle CPU usage and removed unneeded idle disk activity
(win, build>=9518) Fixed: Unstable transcoded streaming start for clients running iOS7
(all, build>=9733) Fixed: Slow channel changes in XBMC using DVBLink (PVR) addon

DVBLink TVSource:
(all) Added: New TVSource configuration interface with tuner type specific channel search
(all) Added: Possibility to scan only FTA channels
(all) Fixed: DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver is not detected
(all) Added: DVB-C scan support for DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver
(all) Fixed: NULL packets are not filtered when using HDHomeRun tuner
(nas) Fixed: Incorrect module loading order for Hauppauge 950Q tuner
(nas) Fixed: TBS5680 cannot tune low transponder frequencies
(win, build>=8782) Added: Support for TT-Budget and TT-Connect CT2-4500CI tuners
(nas, build>=8779) Added: Support for TBS DVB-C USB stick
(nas, build>=8779) Fixed: low signal quality / visual artifacts on some cable networks for TBS 5680 CI tuner
(synology nas, build>=8954) Fixed: Compatibility with DSM4.3
(win, nas build>=8954) Fixed: Octopus.NET tuner is not found after firmware update to 1.4
(nas build>=8954) Fixed: Compatibility with the new revision of Hauppauge 950Q tuner
(syn ppc, kirkwood, build >=9041) Fixed: TVSource driver installation failed for DSM4.2
(win, build>=9301) Added: Support for diseqc 1.1 and raw diseqc commands for DigitalDevices tuners
(qnap, build>=9212) Fixed: DVBLink TVSource cannot load tuner firmware on the QTS 4.0.3 or higher
(nas build>=9212) Added: Support for PCTV 461e DVB-S/S2 and TBS 5922 (some platforms) tuners
(win, nas build>=9534) Fixed: "Internal error" message when doing Fast Scan for Stofa DVB-C provider
(nas, build>=9733) Added: Support for PCTV 74e stick
(nas, build>=9733) Fixed: Failed tuning on high band transponders for PCTV 461e
(synology, build>=9733) Added: Support for DSM5.0
(asustor, build>=9733) Added: Support for ADM2.1
(synology, build>=9919) Fixed: TVSource installer does not copy firmware files
(netgear r6 arm, build>=9919) Fixed: Compatibility with ReadyNAS OS 6.1.7
(synology, build>=10150) Fixed: TBS tuners driver crash on DSM5.0

DVBLink Connect! Server / DVBLink Server for NAS platform:
(nas) Fixed: DLNA/recording settings cannot be saved
(all) Fixed: Use of uninitialized pointer in DLNA stack, which may lead to crash on start-up
(all) Fixed: Series recording of episodes having (episode number) in their names
(qnap, win, synology, netgear build>=9212) Added: Possibility to delete multiple recordings at the same time
(win, build>=9301) Fixed: General error on TV and Media Library tab when more than 999 channels are selected
(all, build >= 9904) Fixed: No sound in XBMC/VLC on channels using EAC3 loader:
(all) Added: support for episode number
(win, nas build>=9212) Fixed: Excessive memory usage

DVBLink for IPTV:
(all, build>=8912) Added: support for HLS - Apple live streams (m3u8)
(all, build>=8912) Fixed: digest authentication not working for RTP protocol
(syn, build >= 9670) Fixed: relative segments in HLS

DVBLink for Kartina.TV:
(win, build>=9518) Fixed: Crash while updating Kartina.TV media Library

DVBLink for Dreambox:
(win, build>=9904) Fixed: unstable streaming of more than one channel or in combination with DVBLink for Digiguide

Version 4.6.0 also includes all fixes and additions, previously released as new builds for v4.5.3. The list of those fixes and additions can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=25287

Re: DVBLink 4.6.0/4.7.0: list of fixes and new features

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:55 pm
by Oberon
Build 10266 (DVBLink TVSource on ASUSTOR AS6 and AS2/3 platforms)
Build 10206 (DVBLink TVSource on QNAP ARM platform)

DVBLink TVSource:
(asustor) Added: Compatibility with ADM2.2
(qnap arm) Added: Compatibility with QTS 4.1.0

Re: DVBLink 4.6.0/4.7.0: list of fixes and new features

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:45 pm
by Oberon
Build 10528 (DVBLink TVSource on NETGEAR R6 x86_64 platform)

DVBLink TVSource:
(netgear r6 x86_64) Added: Compatibility with with ReadyNAS 6.1.9 firmware

Re: DVBLink 4.6.0/4.7.0: list of fixes and new features

PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:09 pm
by Oberon
Build 10838 (DVBLink TVSource on all Synology platforms)

DVBLink TVSource:
(all syno) Added: Compatibility with with DSM5.1 firmware

Re: DVBLink 4.6.0/4.7.0: list of fixes and new features

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:21 pm
by Oberon
Build 10838 (DVBLink TVSource on Netgear R6 ARM and x86-64 platforms)

DVBLink TVSource:
(netgear r6) Added: Compatibility with with 6.2.0 firmware