Connect!Server & 1geek1tool - Whats Next?

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Connect!Server & 1geek1tool - Whats Next?

Postby axioms » Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:51 pm

I apoligize if this is the wrong place to be posting this but I have an investment in Connect!Server so the news of 1geek1tool going away has me a little concerned. I am tied to both products as I have purchased DVBLink for Colossus from 1geek1tool and connect!server v4 from DVBLogic. As of now they both work great. Although going forward I dont know how long that will last. Oberon, is their any plans to offer something similair to DVBLInk TV Source for users from North America (US)? I know you were working on getting QAM working for NA users but I have not heard anything on that for a while. Is the QAM plans still in the pipe? If NA users had something similiar to DVBLInk TV Source where QAM, Colossus, HDPVR would work, then 1geek1tool bowing out will be a moot point. Just wondering if DVBLogic has any plans regarding this. Could DVBlogic please comment on this? My purchase of Connect!server is tied to DVBlink for Colossus functioning properly. Dont get me wrong, Connect!server has done everything I could want and more. Its just that I purchased connect!Server and worry that if DVBlink for Colossus quits working then my purchase of Connect!Server will become useless. I would purchase DVBLInk TV Source in an instant but unfortunately it does not work in NA (US) :(.

I want to stress that DVBLogic has some great software. It has worked great for me. Everyone is always amazed when I show them my TV with the guide on my ipad. I just feel that maybe DVBLogic should make some kind of statement for the people who purchased connect!server and were affected by the removal of 1geek1tool. You are pointing us to the 1geek1tool site and it seems like you are wiping your hands clean of this. I hope that is not the case. I would like to continue using your software, I have NO problem paying for well developed software. Right now, for lack of a better term, its like we have purchased property that is becoming landlocked. I hope this makes sense. I dont want to come off as bitter, just looking for a better way forward so I can continue using DVBLogic's software.
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Re: Connect!Server & 1geek1tool - Whats Next?

Postby Toady » Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:07 pm

Wow I think it is safe to say 1geek1 customers are being disregarded by Dvblogic as Oberon can reply to other posts but not this one.
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Re: Connect!Server & 1geek1tool - Whats Next?

Postby Oberon » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:28 pm

There is not much to add here.
The 1geek1tool products have been developed by 3rd party and at the moment we do not plan to take these products over from them.
The ClearQAM will eventually be fully supported by TVSource next to already supported ATSC. These are all plans for the time being for the US signal standards.
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