Videos get interrupted (possibly PlayReady-related).

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Videos get interrupted (possibly PlayReady-related).

Postby Danja » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:52 pm

I'm using the latest version (just purchased and downloaded yesterday) of DVBLink Connect! Server and DVBLink for (please don't redirect me there; I prefer support in English and I don't think it's a problem on Kartina's end). I'm having the following problem which I haven't been able to fix over the course of my 20 day trial period (but I went ahead and purchased anyway):

When I watch a channel from, it'll play flawlessly for 10 - 30 minutes. Suddenly it will begin to break up and give me a "weak TV signal" message. If I press "stop" and then "play" as soon as it breaks up, it gives me a message that's something along the lines of "PlayReady Update was interrupted. You will not be able to watch protected content until update is complete". When I press update, nothing happens. However, if I wait for one to two minutes, I can just press play again and the channel will refresh.

I have done the following troubleshooting:

1: gives me solid 18-24 Mbps, depending on the time of day. I was told that only 10 Mbps is required to watch the most demanding channel offered, so that's not the problem.
2: Check modem signal strength: ended up calling out my ISP and they completely re-did my wiring. I now have very strong signal to my modem (2 dbmv downstream). This may have slightly decreased the frequency of the problem, but it still occurs.

What could be causing the problem? Is there any way to fix it?

edit: if worst comes to worse, having to wait a minute and then press play is something I can live with. The problem is that if I want to record something, the "weak TV signal" message interrupts recording and DVBLink doesn't manually refresh the feed. Therefore, if I leave a recording unsupervised it is guaranteed to fail, which is obviously less than desirable.

edit2: Slightly off topic but can someone tell me (or point me to a resource where I can find out) what are the advantages/disadvantages of using WMC recorder instead of DVBLink recorder (found here
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