4 DVB-Link-Tuners, only 2 have channels

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4 DVB-Link-Tuners, only 2 have channels

Postby Shakie » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:47 pm

Dear DVBLogic-Team,

i got a dual tuner card installed and setup 2 "sources" in dvblink setup-page. One "source" for each tuner. Both of them have channels set in dvblink-setup-page.

When i make a tv-signal setup in MCE (Windows 7 Media Center) it shows 4 (!?!) dvb-link-tuners. When setting up each tuner for itself for analysing, i come to the following result:

Tuner1 -> no tv-channels found
Tuner2 -> tv-channels
Tuner3 -> tv-channels
Tuner4 -> no tv-channels found

With DVB-Link 4.5 i got 8 tuners an only tuner6 and tuner8 have tv-channels.

1.: What is the reason for this behaviour?
2.: How is it possible to find out which tuner is ok without doing the setup process of MCE for each channel?
3.: Is ther a way to have only these tuners with channels in the MCE tuner selection dialog?

In past i just included all 4 tuners in MCE setup.
Is it possible that this is the problem with the "no signal"-screen i got from time to time?

Now i only included 2 tuner in MCE setup.
I hope this will help.

Furthermore there is something i discovered in version 4.5 while analysing the problem mentioned above:
After including all 8 (!?!) tuner in MCE-Setup, I figured out, that all tv-channels where set to only 1 tuner, which is not intended to be.
This is a very strange behaviour, isn't it?
If i only include tuner 6 and 8 (these with channels shown in setup) all tv-channels where set to both of these tuners, which would be the desired result.

Could you please solve this problem?

currently i'm back to version 4.1.1

thanks for reading
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Re: 4 DVB-Link-Tuners, only 2 have channels

Postby PRBUK » Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:49 pm

Most people will have more Virtual Tuners than physical tuners, but this does not cause a problem. The setup guides explicitly state that you must configure all tuners, so I would suggest you let the software sort this out!

Some people have commented on the extra disk space required for the playback buffer from all of these tuners. I see from the Wiki that there is a methodology for reducing the number of virtual tuners. You may like to try this approach?
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