HW Fingerprint changes with every start

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HW Fingerprint changes with every start

Postby hugobiw06 » Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:22 pm

first of all i'm from germany so english is not my common language. So please be patient if I dont get it and have to ask several times.

My System:
MB: MSI E350IA-E45
CPU: AMD E-350
Video: HD 6310 ( integrated in E-350)
Sound: ASUS Xonar U3
TV: Terratec S7 with Unicam Unicrypt Modul (Sparta 5.33) and HD+ SmartCard

Win 7 Pro SP1 32bit
DVB Link TV server 4.1.0
DVB Link TV Source 4.1.1

My Problem:

Since 05/12 I'm using TVSource. It's the only programm I found to get the HD+ Smartcard working in Media Center. So I really need TVSOurce.
The Problem is that the Hardware fingerprint is changing again and again.
Now I'm using the 4th key for TVSource. Thanks to the Support. Everytime I ask for a key I get it immediately, Great.
The first time I asked for a new key everything crashed. After activtion the dvb link service was not running anymore and I couldnt get it working. So I went from Win 7 64bit to Win 7 32 bit.
After installing Win 7 32bit I also needed a new key and everything was fine. After a couple of days I saw that the key wasnt valid anymore. I thought maybe because of Windows Updates or something like this the Hardware ID has changed.
I got a new key and everything was fine, I thought. After a couple days there was the same problem. I've been in Trial Mode again.
That repeats.
Today I recognized again that the serial is not valid anymore and Im in trial mode. But I have changed nothing on my System.
I went to the web based config tool for activating and saw that the HW ID has changed again. But I can not explain why.
I did a reboot, went to config page immediately and the HW ID changed. I did three times and everytime there was a different HW ID. So now I know why my keys are not valid and im running in trial mode. But I do not know why the HW ID changes after shutting down the pc. At least I need a new key every 20 days and thats really anoying.
Any Suggestions?

Regards Christian
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Re: HW Fingerprint changes with every start

Postby sab » Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:12 am

DVBLink generates hardware fingerprint number basing on MAC-address of the network adapter. If you have USB network adapter or/and network adapter is disabled you can have problem with hardware fingerprint changing. I suggest you to check in BIOS if the network adapter on motherboard is enabled. Try to enable it and check if hardware fingerprint changes.
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Re: HW Fingerprint changes with every start

Postby yamcenutzer » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:18 pm

Since the HW fingerprint depends on 'a' MAC, then you also might want to check if your TV card(s) isn't(aren't) installing an additional network device. Also some 1394 devices also create at least a network connection. How's that handled?
In general, is there a way to determine which NIC'S mac should be used for fingerprinting?
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Re: HW Fingerprint changes with every start

Postby hugobiw06 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:01 pm

Thank you guys for your help. I think the problem is solved.
@sab: Yes, Onboard LAN was disabled in order to decrease power consumption. I turned it on in BIOS and checked for changing HW Fingerprints. I did three reboots and the HW Fingerprint didnt change. Thanks a lot.
@yamcenutzer: There are no additional network devices, except Onboard Lan and USB WLAN Device. What means NIC? Is that a network device? How can I determine which mac should be used for fingerprinting.

Again thank you guys, now I just need a new serial, I hope its the last time I have to ask for.
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