DVBLogic in virtualised environment

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DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby kemik » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:38 pm


Has anyone got any experiences that they can share good or bad on running DVBlogic in a virtual environment please?
What virtualisation software did you use?
What worked?
What didn't?
Any pointers to good reference/guide material to help with the install?

Reason I ask is that I am looking to consolidate my Windows Home Server and Windows 7 media center PC into one physical box initially from the current 2 PC's to have that as a 'production' environment but give me the capability to then 'play' around with additional VM's in a 'non-production' environment without screwing up my working system if that makes sense

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Re: DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby venom51 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:32 pm

As long as you don't plan to use any USB based tuners or encoders than you should be fine using a Windows 2008 OS with the Hyper-V role installed. If you need USB support you'll have no choice but going VMware ESXi.

The reality is that it will really depend on the hardware you are installng on and the resources you can dedicate to each VM. There is no real technical reason why DVBLink shouldn't perform just fine in a VM environment.
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Re: DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby avdleeuw » Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:49 pm

I have succesfully installed TVSource and the ConnectServer on a Windows 7 Ultimate virtual machine.

This virtual machine is running on VMWare ESXi, on a HP Proliant server.

I use 2 Anysee E30 USB receivers to receive DVB-T transmissions. This server is in my office, while my HTPC is down in the lounge. I use the HTPC and the DVBclient to connect to this server and view TV through Win7 Media Center.

This setup is now running for about 7 days, after I had the DVB-software running on the HTPC-system succesfully running for over 18 months.

Let me know if you want to know more.

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Re: DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby master » Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:06 pm

I am running on hyper-v.
client side can be virtualized without any issues. But tuners are a bit tricky. If you have pci or pcie tuners and you want to run dvblink inside VM you need pci pass through. This isnt possible in vmware or hyper-v for tv tuners. Only option can be XEN or KVM, but it requires specific board and cpu with vt-d support.
Im running dvblink directly on win2008 wih hyper-v andinside vm there are whs and win7 with remotefx which works fine.
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Re: DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby vendor » Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:44 pm

Server: WHS2011, intel i3 2120T (Low Voltage Version), 8GB, 4x2TB RAID + 64GBSSD, 4x Digital Devices, 1x TeVii S660
MCE: Win7 32bit HomePremium running in VirtualBox on the Server (the Virtual HDD of the MCE runs on the 64GB SSD)

Extending to 2x XBOX360 and 1x Linksys DMA2100
2 Notebooks and 1 Workstation with DVBLink Network Client

If you use MediaStreaming Capabilities of the WHS2011 and MyMovies WHS2011 you have to disable the DLNA-Server of DVBLOGIC, because if you do not, the Server reacts very slow, hangs and sometimes reboots beacause of BOD

The DigitalDevices Tuners are for watching TV, while the TeVii Tuner is just for scanning EIT.
Server: W7 with DD Cine S2 V6 + DD Octopus NET S2/4 @ dvblink v5
Clients: 2x Notebook W7, PC W7, DLNA TV, iphone, 2x xbox360, Linksys DMA2200(zas2)
Admin of http://www.zas2.de
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Re: DVBLogic in virtualised environment

Postby smutle » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:42 pm

Hi vendor,
can you tell me how you disabled the dlna server of dvblogic?
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