TVAdviser (DE): incorrect data for ARTE

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TVAdviser (DE): incorrect data for ARTE

Postby Oceanwaves » Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:02 pm


I found a lot of differences between the ARTE program on and TVAdviser. Some examples:
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Date      Time                       TVAdviser
19.10.    20:15    Danton                        Die Anfänger
20.10.    22:15    Ferien in der Hölle           Blind für die Liebe
27.10.    20:15    Unsichtbare Besucher          Mord im Mittsommer
27.10.    22:35    Weiße Bestie                  Bal - Honig (22:30)
28.10.    00:05    Lisa und der Teufel           Helden der Nacht (00:10)
28.10.    01:40    Ferien in der Hölle           Auf der Parkbank (02:05)
28.10.    04:00    Karl                          Silex and the City (04:35)

Would be great if you could fix this.
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