Upgrade TV Adviser to v6?

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Upgrade TV Adviser to v6?

Postby Oceanwaves » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:20 am


I'm currently using DVBLink TVSource and TV Adviser both v5.5.1 on a Synology DS214play. When looking at my account I am offered updates for both products. While the TVSource update is offered at half price (24.50€) the TV Adviser update to v6 is offered also at 24.50€, which is nearly the price for the full product (25.00€). Is this correct? Do I have to upgrade TV Adviser to v6 at the same time as TVSource (subscription is valid until March 2017) or can I just upgrade TVSource to v6 and leave TV Adviser at v5.5.1?
Using DVBLink 6.0.0 on Synology DS214play (DSM 6.1.3)
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Re: Upgrade TV Adviser to v6?

Postby Oberon » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:44 am

please write to info at dvblogic.com and they will help you with upgrade.
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