PCTV 292e scan causes DVBLink Server to hang

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PCTV 292e scan causes DVBLink Server to hang

Postby DoctorOctagonapus » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:01 pm

I posted this in the DVBLink TVSource forum, but actually this one is probably more appropriate.

I have a PCTV 292e stick as my tuner, installed the firmware dvb-demod-si2168-b40-01.fw from palosaari.fi in /lib/firmware as instructed by the page on linuxtv.org. The system recognises the device as a PCTV 292e and allows me to create a configuration for it, but when I do a scan for channels it causes the web interface to lock up completely and I have to reboot the system for it to start working again (just restarting the service doesn't fix it, only a full reboot will get it working again). When I try cancelling the scan it returns the message "Error cancelling scan: timeout". The system console also shows this error:

INFO: task dvblink_server:1377 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
Not tainted 4.4.0-57-generic #78~14.04.1-Ubuntu

Dmesg shows the firmware loads correctly, but no other messages. w_scan also freezes when scanning, which suggests it's a driver issue. Has anyone else seen this problem with the 292e, and is there a working driver available? Currently running on Ubuntu Server 14.04.5, have also tried Server 16 with no success. I'm scanning on UK DVB-T/T2, tried a few muxes with no joy.
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Re: PCTV 292e scan causes DVBLink Server to hang

Postby the_man » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:13 am

May you test the same stick on this system with some another software? It looks like some issues with the drivers. But it only guesses.
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