Unicable with Skystar S2 not working

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Unicable with Skystar S2 not working

Postby r2d2 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:38 am

I try to switch from VDR- Server to DVBLink.
In another thread I was able to add iptv successfull, so this part is working!

Now I want to get my dvb-cards working, too.

My environment is:

PC with Kubuntu 15.10
2 x Skystar S2 dvb-card with own cable each
Slots on unicable are 2/1280 and 3/1382 (inverto).
Under VDR I used this diseq.conf which is working very well:

# SCR 18V (Unicable)
S19.2E 11700 V 9750 t V W100 S0 [E0 10 5A 00 00] W100 v
S19.2E 99999 V 10600 t V W100 S1 [E0 10 5A 00 00] W100 v
S19.2E 11700 H 9750 t V W100 S2 [E0 10 5A 00 00] W100 v
S19.2E 99999 H 10600 t V W100 S3 [E0 10 5A 00 00] W100 v

DVBLink Linux sees both cards, it is possible to add them as source, I did the unicable and satellite settings,
but no transponder will be found! I always get the message "tuning went wrong".
Switch back to VDR, no problem.
I suppose a problem with diseqc, but nowhere is described how to add custom diseqc commands in the correct way!

Can anybody tell me how to create my own diseq command in dvblink?
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