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epg question

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:48 am
by rikk
I have a retarded cable company. The version of catv i have is unencrypted hence, it does not require a cake box. I hook it direct to my tv and the tv channeling looks for some channels like it is over the site tv
I.e. channel 5.2, 4.3...

Problem, all of the epg services reflect the channels like 2, 3,4, etc...

Is there a way to map the epg info to the actual channel in dvblink?

Re: epg question

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:19 am
by the_man
If i understand you correctly, then yes))
With dvblink you can set up all you need and all how do want)) ... l_settings ... PG_sources

Also you can installed and activate trial version of dvblink server, that has full functional during 20 days