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Postby Dreeze » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:42 pm

I too had lots of trouble with kodi / dvblink (pi2 - openelec) selecting Narrated Audio (shown as "unknown" by kodi) instead of plain english on British TV channels. Being a native Dutch speaker I previously had my audio selection preference set to "dut" on both server and client, but changing them to "eng" made no difference at all. I could select the correct audiostream with my remote, but having to do so every time a british tv channel is selected is very annoying as I usually only watch British channels.

After having put up with this for several months I suddenly noticed that the issue did not occur on my bedroom TV set, which usually only my wife uses. This TV is connected to a 1st generation pi running raspbmc. After I made sure the settings on both devices were identical, I switched the pi's but to my amazement the issue remained firmly stuck with the living room TV set. Apparently somehow the connected TV set was the cause of the problem, not kodi.

Now this living room TV is an 11 year old Toshiba 37" flatscreen that supposedly does not support hdmi-CEC (easylink, anynet, or whatever manufacturers call it) so I never even considered the possibility of the TV influencing the choise of audio streams, but sure enough, when I set the TV menu language to English instead of Dutch kodi miraculously selected the proper English audio stream instead of Narrated Audio.

I will soon test if I can also override audio settings with the bedroom TV set. That is a samsung 23" inch led screen which does support hdmi-CEC. The preferred TV menu language on this TV has so far always been English, so that would explain why the issue never occured on that set.

Just thought I should let you all know..
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