DD Twin CI not showing up in DVBLink

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DD Twin CI not showing up in DVBLink

Postby cooledspirit » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:41 am


I'm running Ubuntu 14.10 x64 and I'm currently testing DVBLink 5.1.
I have a DD Cine C2T2 V7 & DuoFlex C2T2 V3 and DD Octopus Twin CI.
All tuners and even the Twin CI are detected in Ubuntu (using dmesh)

DVBLogic detects the tuners perfectly and is able to scan, but I can't make the tuners use the CI (in the advanced settings of a tuner, the menu doesn't show the possibility to use the CI), hence viewing is not possible.

Did I do something wrong ? Or CI use is simply not possible using Ubuntu ?

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Re: DD Twin CI not showing up in DVBLink

Postby Oberon » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:06 am

The CA functionality is picked up automatically by DVBLink (e.g. it looks for the /dev/dvb/adapters/ca0 node every time the tuner is started). Please check if this node is present on your file system.

I do remember that DD used a non-conventional way of exposing their CA functionality under linux. Because of that none of the applications (including DVBLink) could work with them. They have several times promised to fix it, but if it was actually made - I do not know.
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