How to configure MediaPortal?

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How to configure MediaPortal?

Postby JeroenAlmere » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:31 pm

Hi all,

after using MediaCenter on Windows 10 for quite a long time (and having issues al the time), I've switched back to windows 8.1. Unfortunately this is giving me issues also (on a clean install).
After playing a bit with kodi and the DVB link addon, which never crashed all the time, I'm now looking for the best (working) alternative for Windows Media Center, which can be Media Portal.

I'm using DVBLink on my Synology (415+) NAS with an VU+ (dual) tuner (dreambox solution). I would like to use this as the TV server within the alternative solution for Windows Media Center.

After downloading Media Portal is asks me to install client and/or server. I would like to use MediaPortal on more devices, but for now I've installed the combination. After playing a bit with the configuration of the TV Server application I cannot get things working.

Is MediaPortal the best solution for Live TV in combination with a movie ans music library?
If so: How can I configure the TV Server for MediaPortal using DVBLink server on my Synology NAS?
DVBLink Server 6.0.0 (on Synology NAS 415+) | DVBLink for Dreambox (VU+) | DVBLink TV Adviser
Searching for a good working alternative for Windows Media Center (on my HTPC) with a pretty looking and good working movie and music library.
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