EPG - view all channels on one page at same time

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EPG - view all channels on one page at same time

Postby banhuk » Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:44 am


I have a suggestion for live tv epg??

I love going into each channel separately to set my recording timers, but when I am watching live tv, it is nice to view what tv shows are currently playing on all channels (ie like the epg in XBMC).
At the moment we have to click on each channel/station to see what is on currently (this is fine, but thought I'd ask the question).

On the standard version of Plex, the 'now and next' feature is great although limited, and this 'now and next' feature doesn't appear to work on the new PHT (Plex home theatre).

The dvblink android app allows this, but as I use plex for my live tv, I would rather use my current htpc remote than look at my phone.

Is this possible?


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