Going forward from Windows Mediacenter (Windows 7)

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Going forward from Windows Mediacenter (Windows 7)

Postby Amatoren » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:11 pm


Until now we have used the Windows Mediacenter on Windows XP and Windows 7 (latest after converting from analog tuners to STB and DVBLink for Dreambox). Latest DVBLink version I have now is 5.5.0.

It looks like we have to go forward to new HW and I'm thinking about Windows 10. The drawback is that Windows 10 doesn't have the Mediacenter that my wife loves.

My reason to leave Mediacenter is to use DVBLink's recorder and possibility to add recordings by remote WEB (vacation and so...).

I understand there are several frontend for playback. Kodi, Plex......

I have testet Kodi only for playback on a Windows 10 on a laptop, but crashes often under fast forward.

Plex have I installed on a small ITX server (with CentOS) that I have in the car on long vacations. Children can watch movies on tablets.

I want a system that we still can use the WMC remote to select programs for playback, deleting.... and if possible set recordings from the EPG.

I'm prepered to by a new DVBLink for Dreambox license for support the good work.

What shall I go for? Please give me som advice and is Plex a good choice for playback? I like Plex as movie playback on tablets.
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