AppleTV 4 (tvOS 10.3) Remote Behavior Annoying

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AppleTV 4 (tvOS 10.3) Remote Behavior Annoying

Postby btaroli » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:31 pm

This has been mentioned in other threads, but maybe got lost in the shuffle. I just wanted to reiterate this ongoing and annoying behavior, which affects one's ability to jog forward and back during transcoded recording playback.

In other applications, such as PLEX, one merely taps on the left or right edges of the touch area on the remote to accomplish jogging. In the DVBLink app, however, it seems one has to drag across the surface. And this does seem to cause the UI to jump as if it will resume, but it does not resume. Instead, one must then also press the play/pause button to resume.

So if you want to say jump over annoying commercials, you wind up doing: slide, tap, slide, tap, slide, tap... oh, wait, too far.... slide, tap, slide tap. It gets really frustrating after a while. What makes it even worse is if, in the course of all this sliding and tapping, one inadvertently hits the voice search button instead and that completely stops playback and you've lost your place where you were watching. Can't blame DVBLogic for Apple's choice of button placement, but if jogging was accomplished without need for tapping play/pause, it'd be moot. ;)
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