DVBlink iOS 9 app tv watching does not work

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DVBlink iOS 9 app tv watching does not work

Postby rogert79 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:59 pm

Hello Oberon thanks for releasing the ios9 app

Unfortunately the app doesn't work when I want to watch live tv in the app I have tried both scenarios: 1= ds214play(latest dsm5.2) and rendering turned on.
2= rendering turned off I get an error message that I need to install 8player??

So iOS 9 app doesn't work for me can you please advise me what to do?

In iOS 8 the app did work properly

Here is the detailed scenario:
DVBlink server 5.1.0 build 11218
DVBlink tvsource 5.1.0 build 11373
Sources: TechnoTrend USB2.0 dvbc ct4650 with alphacrypt cam and ziggo smartcard

Client side:
IPhone 6s with iOS 9.1
DVBlink app
auto server discovery
entered username and pw

can connect to dvblink server succesfully and see epg

there are 2 settings for transcoding:
setting1 = transcoding enabled then recordings Ican watch in the app but live tv won't start to play

setting2=transcoding disabled then I can't watch recording and can't watch live tv in both situations I get a popup
stating information: video playbck functionality requires installation of a free 8player app down load this one now yes/no
when selecting yes or no nothing happens

so can you please help me what to do in order to watch live tv again.
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Re: DVBlink iOS 9 app tv watching does not work

Postby Oberon » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:15 pm

You need to update your DVBLink products to v5.5.0 and it will start working.
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