iOS app crash iOS 8.2

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iOS app crash iOS 8.2

Postby DDd » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:48 pm

The app on my iPhone 5 has updated itself to the new version of the DVBLink app (I have auto updates on). However since this update the app no longer works.

I have entered the correct details into the setup screen (I've also tried the closing the keyboard before saving and trying ip address instead of host name).

However when I click 'connect' on the app it simply crashes. Following this every time I open the app it very briefly shows the EPG screen and crashes. (I have to re-install the app to attempt any changes to configuration).

DVBLink Server 4.6.0 8663
DVBLink Connect! Server 4.6.0 9904
DVBLink TVSource 4.6.0 9749

Can you resolve the issues with the app or republish the old app as it was working correctly. I need to remain on this iOS firmware version 8.2.

Server: Core i5 Gigabyte 8GB Windows x64, DVBSky twin tuner s952
Clients: iPad 1, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Core i5 Laptop (Win x64)
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Re: iOS app crash iOS 8.2

Postby wally007 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:54 pm

mine is also crashing on 8.2 iPhone6

amount of bugs just to get server saved is startling to be honest.... maybe hire a proper iOS developer
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